Your YouTube Channel is like a marketing weapon for you. Not only does it help your business increase viewers organically, it helps you to portray your brand image in a creative way. However, the more engagement you get on your YouTube videos, the better your chances are to get some business. Engagement can be measured in terms of YouTube Subscribers counts, Video Views or in the form of Video Likes or Video Comments

Know How To Increase Your YouTube Video Likes & Comments Choose Content Which People Like To Watch:

It is clear that the content people like to watch is of top-most priority. If you search on YouTube Suggestion box for a particular keyword, you will see many options which people search for.

If you can utilize those keywords and weave a video around it, it will most likely be watched. When people really love your video, they will like it and comment. In the middle or at the end of the video, do mention to like and comment on your video. This might help.

Use The Power Of Blogs:

Just creating a video will not get you Likes or Comments, you need to work really hard for it. You can embed your videos to your blogs where people visit for content. You can weave around a story for your video and embed the video there. Not only will it provide relevant content for your blog, but also give you videos likes and comments.

Power Of Thumbnail:

We have already described in our YouTube Subscriber page, how we can make use of your thumbnail to get more eyeballs. In the Thumbnail, you should use the option to Like or Comment On you Video. It might help.

Post Videos Regularly:

Make it a habit to post videos frequently and let users be habituated to your videos. Try to sequence your videos. You can segregate the videos into different parts and release them one by one. Just throw a hint in the first video about the second one. This habit will make your channel look good.

YouTube Networking:

Networking always works the best in any business. The more people you network with better chances of your video being watched. However, one thing you need to notice is that you need to network with your niche. Irrelevant people are always a waste of time. Find people of your niche, comment on their videos, connect with them, like and share their videos, they will reciprocate with the same.

If you wish to increase your individual or business related YouTube Channel’s popularity, we can do the same for you effortlessly. Get in touch with us if you wish to know more about it.

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