YouTube views are the count of videos being watched in your channel. More views your videos have, the more popular your channel will be. That is why video creators make proper strategies to make their videos viral to increase views. However, a point to be noted that YouTube video views have to be by a human being instead of a computer program.

How Can You Get More YouTube Video Views?

Importance of YouTube Video views can not be denied for the popularity of your Channel.

Importance of YouTube Video views can not be denied for the popularity of your Channel.

Video Title Optimization:

Whenever you upload a video, you get the option of writing a title. The more descriptive your title is, better the chances of your video to be populated on the searches. Another important factor is using relevant (semantic) keywords. You should properly use those keywords which will help your video to surface on top of search results.

Meta Description Optimization (YouTube Video):

Other than title optimization, meta description is another important factor which can get your video the much needed eyeballs. Forming a right description, not overly using keywords and forming a proper and readable sentence can make it look enticing for search users.

Using Right & Medium Competition Keywords (Tags):

When we say Tags, it is not other than Keywords. We need to use the keywords taking the help of keyword planner or any other keyword finder. Highly competitive keywords won't be helpful as it would be very difficult for a new video to appear defying such a huge competition.

In such cases, we need to target medium competition keywords which have a decent search volume. This can make your videos appear in searches easily. Do not use more tags, always use the right tags.

Optimizing Thumbnail Images: What the user sees first in a video is its thumbnail. Thumbnail is an image you use in the video to properly showcase it. If the thumbnail has all the info and is decently portrayed, a user will definitely be attracted to your video. This can make another impact on your YouTube Channel.

These are just the tip of an iceberg, you need to take care of lots of things like creating transcriptions, providing educational or informational content, and much more.

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