Videos are considered to be the most powerful, effective and result oriented marketing tool for any type of business. Not only does it present your products or services in a creative way, but also engages with the end-user with its content.

As per a study, compared to pure text, or an imagery, a video is more successful in attracting the attention of the customers. A video converts more. That is why businesses start using videos as a sure shot marketing tool.

For Students:

YouTube is a wonderful platform for all your videos to be shared and attract more subscribers and views to your video. You can post multiple videos on this platform to get more eyeballs.

In order to get subscribers, you need to promote your YouTube videos in other platforms like embedding videos on your website, on your blogs and sharing the content on yours social media platforms

Why Is It Important To Have YouTube Subscribers?

The more subscribers you have on your YouTube Channel, the more credible will be the reputation of your Channel. It will present yourself as the authority in the industry as you can portray yourself as an influence with the help of your videos. Improves your social presence. It helps you stand apart from others

Monetary Benefits Involved If You Have More Subscribers

If your channel has more than 1 lac or 2 lac, you get an added advantage and can earn lots of money. For example, if around 20 percent of your subscribers view your video each day, it will translate into lots of watch time. Every video you share will be watched and will get you money.

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