Everyone wants to monetize his or her YouTube Channel. Creating a channel is very easy but posting videos consistently is very important. More important is that your videos should be viewed by people and liked. Then only, you can say that your channel is successful.

It is your responsibility to create videos that people love to watch and the more view time your video has, it is more likely to add more value. However, the content of the video is everything.

Unless your video is not liked by others the duration does not matter anymore. First and foremost, your video needs to be enticing, engaging and informative.

Before we start, let’s us understand how does the YouTube Monetization process work

First and foremost is, you should meet all the YouTube Policy requirements of YouTube for Monetization. There is a bunch of rules that YouTube has set which needs to be taken care of before participating in the YouTube Partner Program (YPP)

If you are a YouTuber, it does not guarantee you that you can apply for YPP. You need to live in a country where the Government allows this YPP.

Annually, you should meet certain watch hour requirements. You have to have at least 4000 watch hours. Watch hours have to be valid public watch hours in a span of one year. Any deviation will lead to rejection.

Your YouTube Channel should have at least 1000 valid and genuine subscribers. Without which, your channel won’t be eligible for Monetization.

Last but not the least, you should at least have an adsense account which you need to link with you YouTube Channel

Review Process for YouTube Monetization Process

Once your YouTube Channel meets all YPP requirements, you need to sign for the YPP.

Once you sign for the program, the review process will start and YouTube will review whether you meet all the deadlines or not. Once your channel gets acceptance from YouTube, you will get a congratulations email mentioning that you can now enable monetization on your video uploads

In case of rejection, you will get an email saying that you did not meet certain guidelines and you are eligible for reapplication after completion of 30 days.

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