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Instagram stands sixth in the most popular and trending social media networks across the globe. First of all, we should understand why we should use instagram for our business. Is it really worth it?

Here Are Some Figures Which Show Why Should You Have More Followers On Your Instagram Account:

There are around more than one billion Instagram users across the globe

Total number of daily active users found in Instagram is more than 500 million

Daily active users on Instagram Stories amount to more than 500 million

On a daily basis, more than 50 billion photos are shared on Instagram

More than 50 million Businesses are there on Instagram which is quite a good number

Instagram Like Button is hit more than 4.2 billion everyday

More than 100 million photos and videos are uploaded on Instagram each day

More than 130 million accounts click on a shopping related post to know more about the product.

An average of 30 minutes is being spent by an Instagram user everyday

Why Is Instagram Undoubtedly The Best Choice For Businesses?

Instagram has around two million advertisers out of 25 million business profiles

Last year, Instagram has earned a ad revenue of 20 billion American Dollars

Around 200 million instagram users visit a business profile in a day in the minimum

Now, the point is we are definitely going to use an Instagram business account for our business. Unless we have a good amount of followers, we won’t be able to increase our reach. No one is going to see what we post if we do not have a large number of genuine followers.

How Can We Increase Instagram Followers?

Joining Instagram Engagement Groups: You can incrase your Instagram engagement groups. However, it is advisable to join the groups which are related to your niche. Beyond, your niche will get your followers, but the engagement rate will be less.

Reposting Posts Of Others: Reposting will definitely help you get more engagements. Whichever content you think will be interesting to your users, you can just repost them by taking permission. You can get more likes, shares and comments.

User Plafroms like Buzzfeed and/or HALO: If you wish to get more followers on Instagram, you need to use platform like Buzzfeee and HALO. You can write articles on buzzfeed and embed your Instagram Account. In case, your business niche is not right for Buzzfeed, we suugest you to go for HALO. You get emails from the reporters who are always looking for content and your expert views. You can use your social media links in the content.

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