Building Social media presence, maintaining its through proper optimization process and presenting your brand to a larger audience is one of the basic requirements of any business.

Let's simply start with what Facebook Like is? In simple words, if you do something and people appreciate it personally using a virtual platform like Facebook.

If anyone will say he or she is unaware of Facebook Likes, we would hardly believe that statement.

There was a time, people used to create their profiles and used to post their favorite things on facebook and was expecting their all the contacts to respond to it by liking it.

It was a time where the option of like was only there. There were no emoticons in the Facebook Like section. We currently have many emoticons that appropriately allows us to respond to any of the posts with different types of reactions.

Now, people are not as mad about likes as they used to be before. They came to know the fact that people who genuinely love your post may like it or choose not to like it. It totally depends on his or her choice. That is why everyone even the businesses are now trying to understand the likes and dislikes of their clients or friends and share post on their facebook walls which might interest others.

Why Does A Business Need Facebook Likes?

More likes indicates that you are sharing right content to right audience

You know the sentiment of your customers or clients

You are fully engaged with your clients

Your content is liked by your clients in maximum number

You know what your client knows

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