In a very layman term, Facebook Follower is the count that people or business accounts follow a particular page or profile. The more followers you have the chances of your shared posts will have more eyeballs or exposure.

If you are a business owner of a celebrity, you should ask your clients or customers to follow your business page. The more followers you have, you can connect with them easily. A huge list of followers gives you the advantage of being each of your posts reaching a wider audience.

Advantages Of Being A Facebook Follower:

You can see their updates each time they post something

You can track the activity of your competitor

You can take inspiration from others who are better than you

You can compare many pages and try to be better than others

How Does Facebook Follow Work?

When you become friends with someone, you become his or her follower by default. However, you can choose not to follow him if you wish. Being an individual or a business, you can choose to follow any page you wish to. If some people are not your friends, you can allow them to follow you as well.

How Can You Manage Facebook Follower Settings?

Public Post: You can manage the Facebook Follower setting whom you want to be followed. You can set whether you wish to allow others to comment on your post or not.

Notifications for Public Post: If somebody is not in your friend’s list and if he starts following you, you can get a notification for the same.

How To View Who Is Following You?

You can see who is following you. You need to go to your profile and click on friends. Below the cover photo, you can click on more. You will see who is following you. If you do not see, then it is clear that no one is following you.

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